Blonde – In Cans For The First Time

Designed to be naturally hazy!

Just in time for summer, we have launched our popular pale ale Blonde in a can. The citrus Blonde with an ABV of just 4.0% has been a favourite since it was first brewed in 2014, becoming the sixth beer in our permanent range. The canned Blonde beer has a natural haze, as it is a natural unfiltered and unpasteurised product. It is designed to be drunk fresh and as close to the production date as possible.

Making a splash for summer

Eco-friendliness has been the main motivator for the move to canning, with canned beer lighter to transport, and better to recycle. Canned beer is also more practical to post, with far less potential for breakage than glass bottles. And of course, you don’t need a bottle opener. We hope that the cans will appeal to more off-trade customers and attract younger drinkers to the craft ale scene. Canned beer is a modern and convenient alternative to cask-conditioned ale. What you get is the convenience of a can while losing none of this national award-winning beer’s flavour. Blonde is a citrus pale ale with a subtle underlying tropical fruit flavour profile. The crisp citrus finish of the triple-hopped Blonde is thanks to the addition of the much sought-after US Citra and Centennial hops. Centennial (also knowns as a “Super Cascade”) is a newer hop and showcases the original flavour and aroma profile of the American craft beer revolution. Blonde is the perfect refreshing light ale for a summer’s day, whether it is a lazy picnic, day out or drinking at home.

Red Dawn, a red ale by our pilot brewery Derailed will be the second canned beer produced for us by Staffordshire Brewing & Bottling Supplies. Again with a definite American craft beer influence, the dry hopping of Citra and Columbus hops give wonderful classic citrus herbal and piney aromas; while toasted malts give the Red Dawn its striking reddish appearance.

Technical Brewer Cody Palin, 25, who has been with the brewery for three years since he graduated from the unique International Centre for Brewing and Distilling (ICBD) has been given the Creative Head role in designing the packaging of the new cans. He wanted to give the Blonde can a similar look to the bottle, so that it would be instantly recognisable to customers because of the consistent design elements. .  


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